Start Profitable Manufacturing Business With Low Investment

Start Profitable Manufacturing Business With        Low Investment

Not getting job? Don’t be frustrated. Start profitable manufacturing business with low investment, if you can sale your product. There are so many products which can be manufactured at home with very low investment, even without any special machinery. These products can be produced at your home or small rented premises. Some of these products can be produced in household utensils, buckets and small drums etc. These products are always in good demand and give very good returns on capital investment. Any individual can start any of these businesses as tiny or home business. You can also start business as a part time activity as a side income avenue. After initial success you can expand your business at any time to full time business. In this way one can think starting a business with minimum risk.

We have helped and provided consultancy to numerous persons to start such home industries. Many of them are now very successful entrepreneurs. Instead of doing job for others, they are providing jobs to several individuals directly and indirectly. If they can  do so, why can’t you also.

We are giving a list of products that can be manufactured as stated above. Some of these products are consumer products that are consumed in every house as daily needs. Some products are required by commercial establishments like hospitals, hotels, offices, schools, commercial malls etc. Some other products are needed in industries as raw materials or maintenance specialities.


Chafing Gel Fuel

Concrete Admixture additives

Copper and Silver Cleaning Powder

Cutting Oils

Dust Suppressants

Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner

Hair Oils

Hand Sanitizer Gel

Inkjet Printing Ink

Laptop Screen Cleaner

Liquid Hand Soap

Liquid Dish Washing Detergent

Liquid Detergents

Paint Remover

Penetrating Lubricants

Pickling Inhibitors

Pine Oils based Cleaners (White Phenyl)

Room Freshener Spray

Toilet Cleaner

Tiles and Ceramic Cleaners

Water Treatment Chemicals

Wool and Silk Washing Liquid Detergent

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